Individuals or joint proprietorship entities that own any of the following types of properties within the City of New Haven, shall be considered ‘Property Owners’ by the NHSWRA and shall adhere to specific ordinances concerning waste removal and recycling:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional (i.e., educational, medical treatment, religious worship, state or federal public service, charitable or not-for-profit)
  • Residential, where a dwelling consists of more than 6 separate tenancy units

For these properties, per New Haven City Ordinance §30 ¾ – 16 a Site Cleanliness Plan must be filled out and submitted to the NHSWRA; and must be re-submitted when there are any changes.  The responsibility for compliance belongs to the listed property owner, including any case where the owner contractually delegates waste removal and recycling obligations to a third party (e.g., tenant or property manager).

Download Site Plan Ordinance
Download Site Cleanliness Letter
Download Site Cleanliness Form

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