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Please remember that if for some reason your curbside bins have not been picked up on the regularly-scheduled day, you may contact New Haven Dept. of Public Works. Trash containing food waste (Solid Waste) may not be brought by individuals to the Transfer Station.

As a resident of New Haven, you have the opportunity and responsibility to keep recyclable materials out of the waste stream.  It’s easy for residents to participate in our recycling program.  Your curbside bins (provided and collected by New Haven Dept. of Public Works) allow you to separate at the source.  Blue is for recycling and brown is for trash.  Recycling is considered “single stream” or “mixed”, so all qualified recycling can go in the same blue bin and should not be bagged or tied.

Other Recyclables

There may be items which will not fit or should not be placed in your curbside recycling bin but are still recyclable at other locations.  Please be sure to check out our Waste Wizard for more information or if you have any concerns regarding whether an item is recyclable.  You may also contact our office at  Items which are acceptable in your curbside blue bin (cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc.) may also be dropped off at the NHSWRA transfer station.

Bulky Waste / Yard Waste

Some items can no longer be used, recycled, repaired or repurposed but will not be acceptable as trash in your regular curbside pickup (unless you live in a complex which provides for it).  These include large items such as furniture and appliances, commonly known as “bulky waste”.  Bulky Waste may be disposed of by scheduling a curbside bulky waste pickup appointment with the New Haven Dept. of Public Works, or by bringing the item(s) to the NHSWRA transfer station.  The New Haven Solid Waste & Recycling Authority currently accepts drop-off coupons from City residents for bulky waste, yard waste & leaves.  Residents may drop these items off free of charge, however, proof of residency, vehicle size and other restrictions may apply.

Construction / Demolition Debris

For your DIY projects involving construction and/or removal of demolition debris, the NHSWRA provides a “weigh and pay” service at the Transfer Station.  These items are not allowed at your regularly-scheduled curbside pickup and are not accepted, by coupon, at the Residential Drop-off area.


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