Increased household recycling is a key component of the effort to achieve the State of Connecticut’s new goal of 60 percent diversion of materials from the waste stream by 2024.

Though you may think an item is recyclable, it is important that you know which items to place in your recycling bin at home or at the Transfer Station because only items listed can be sorted and bailed at MRF’s (material recovery facilities). Material that is unacceptable is considered “contamination” and slows or halts recycling processing. Always check the Waste Wizard for any particular item if you are unsure as to how to dispose of it.

In addition to environmental benefits, recycling offers real savings for taxpayers and businesses by reducing costs for waste disposal. It is estimated that achieving the state’s 60% diversion rate would save an additional $40 million/year in avoided disposal fees. Recycling is also good for Connecticut’s economy because it helps to create jobs. Recycling related employment is responsible for nearly 5,000 jobs across the state and approximately $750 million in annual sales.


Most recyclable items can be considered “single stream,” in that they can be placed in the same bin for pickup, or brought to the New Haven Transfer Station. Other items such as textiles, mattresses, electronics, paint, plastic bags, and shredded paper are not acceptable for single-stream processing but are still recyclable, and should still be separated and brought to specific locations (either the Transfer Station or certain vendors in the community), or in the case of grass, may be composted or dealt with at your home.


Check you local recycling center for a separate container for shredded paper and palstic bags.
These items are recycled separately ONLY at a recycling center. They DO NOT go in your curbside bin.

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