A commercial waste collector or hauler is defined as a person, firm, corporation, or other entity that collects, recycles and/or hauls, for a fee, the solid waste (including recyclable solid waste) generated by other persons, firms, corporations, residential, business, commercial, or other establishments or other entities in New Haven, and includes private haulers, and collectors as defined in the waste disposal chapter of the New Haven Code of Ordinances.

Solid Waste Collector

Solid Waste Collectors engaging in collecting, transporting, recycling or hauling solid waste within the borders of the City of New Haven must apply for and obtain licenses and permit(s) from the New Haven Solid Waste and recycling Authority, the City’s license and permit issuer for this activity.  Licenses shall include a Solid Waste Collector’s license, Transfer Station license and vehicle permit(s) for each collection vehicle in order to operate within the borders of New Haven.

Bulky Waste Collector

Bulky Waste haulers are required to obtain solid waste collectors licenses from the New Haven Solid Waste & Recycling Authority in order to collect, haul, transport, recycle and/or dispose of bulky waste (MSW municipal solid waste) in the City of New Haven.

Recyclables Collector

Recyclables collectors, including those engaged in the collection of shredded paper, cooking oils, greases, or organic wastes must apply for and obtain a Collector’s License, from the New Haven Solid Waste and Recycling Authority, in order to collect from customers or operate in New Haven.

Apply For Collector’s License
Apply For Transfer Station License

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